Star treatment

Katie sent me this picture and I couldn’t resist sharing. The TV show Drop Dead Diva is filmed where she lives, and these signs are set out when they film outdoor scenes. Apparently there is only one extra on the show.


Pandora’s box (of abused apostrophes)

Pandora is one of my daily necessities. Though I consider myself a professional grammar snob, from 8 to 5 I am a finance assistant and it’s nearly impossible to crunch numbers without some good tunes.

On the contrary, it’s impossible to enjoy good tunes when Pandora screws it all up with crap like this:

No, this is NOT alright with me.

What's a whod?


Instead of poking fun at #1 Nail Salon for misspelling the word “scrub,” I’ve come up with a new idea. In the comments, submit your own definition of the word “srub.” Maybe (just maybe) if we give it a real meaning, this sign will make a fraction of a percentage of sense.

Stples cn’t spll

Even worse, Staples can’t spell their own name.

I guess part of that $15 in savings used to contribute to paying someone competent enough to spell the store’s name correctly.

Vacuums suck, and so does Netflix

Hey, Netflix: strike three, you’re out!

My addiction to How It’s Made led me to tonight’s post. In the descriptions for Season 8, Episode 21, Netflix misspelled “vacuums” three times.

Get it together, Netflix! Now that you’ve separated your DVD rentals and instant watch services, surely you’re profiting enough that you can hire some decent editors……….right?

Not special enough


Let’s hope the owner of this window tint shop has the darkest windows this side of the Mississippi (to protect him from embarrassment, of course). Several people throughout Boise are discussing this “speshial” sign.

This space is available for judgment

Punctuation? Bah, who needs it?

Well, Walmart needs it. I guess they’re too busy saving money and living better to bother using punctuation. (My deepest apologies for the glare in the picture. Believe me, I tried my damnedest to get one sans lights.)

I hate it when people don't use periods you can't tell where the sentence ends shame on you Walmart.

A fortune worth an ounce of crap

Let’s play a game. It’s called Pin the “is” on the fortune.

I am annoyed by this fortune–not only because there is no “is” after the word time, but because they unnecessarily abbreviated “ounce.” Really, there wasn’t enough space on that fortune for three extra letters?

Ten comics every grammar snob will appreciate

I spend a lot of time here making fun of poor grammar and embracing proper grammar, and I almost forget that other people do it, too. Today I bring you ten grammar comics that are sure to make any grammarian giggle.