Two birds with one stone

I passed this sign today while I was driving and did a U-turn so I could pull over and take a picture (contrary to what I implied in my last post, I do not photograph anything while the car is moving). Once I’d turned around, I saw that the other side of the sign contained a second grammar error. Oh happy day!

Stipe (n.): a stalk in plants that bears reproductive structures. Oh yes, I've always found those very patriotic.

Sorry, but I'll be too busy having a great FOURTH of July.


Kids, don’t text and drive. Let me tell you why.

…Because if you text and drive, you could accidentally miss a letter and end up with something like this:

Wait. That was wrong. Of course what I meant to say was that texting and driving is dangerous.

I wonder what Idaho United Credit Union would have to say if they knew that I snapped this picture while I was behind the wheel. Crap, I did it again. Maybe I should have titled this post, “Grammaniac is a bad influence.”

Anywho, long story short: Don’t text and drive. The end.

An authentic spelling mistake

If you’re going to limit your sign to just one word, at least make sure it’s spelled correctly. Sheeeeeeeesh.

Hey, U-Haul: U Can’t Spell!

U-Haul’s price, selection, and convenience won’t be beat. Unfortunately, their spelling skills are easy to beat.

Nary loses $4 million; angry citizen loses an “E”

The city of Meridian, Idaho, just lost a lawsuit against the construction company that built its City Hall building in 2008–a lawsuit that will cost a total of nearly $4 million. One angry Meridian citizen decided to speak out against William Nary, the City Attorney, by painting some simple rants on some boards and attaching them to a trailer on the side of the road. Not only is their rant a little, oh, disorganized, but they forgot there is an “e” in “attorney.”

Pat, I'd like to buy an E. What? It'll cost me $4 million?!?!?!!

A classic case of “i before e”

Except after c.

Except when you forget the rule and you just spell the word however the hell you like.

Maybe they're just testing their clients.

Someone’s having a senior moment

Terrible at spelling or going senile? The world may never know…

Wine gets better with age; spelling doesn't, apparently.

Grammar errors make the best souvenirs

Today I returned from a 6-day trip to the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful, I ate as if calories didn’t exist, and the weather (mostly) cooperated. Although I’m sad to be back in my brown, ugly homeland (Idaho), I did come home with some great grammar errors from the road. 😀

In Lincoln City, we passed by an antique shop displaying this sign in the window:

We also stayed in Portland for a night on our way home, and I found this little gem on the sign for our hotel:

(Not to change the subject, but if you visit Portland, do NOT stay at the Howard Johnson. Take my word for it!)

I also passed a Wendy’s in Portland that advertised having “the best fryes,” along with a “chedda” sandwich, although I wasn’t able to get a photo (damn you, Portland traffic!).

The best grammar mistakes, however, came from two menus I picked up at a couple of the places we chose for dinner. The first was Hilltop Cafe in Lincoln City:

The second was Geno’s in Astoria. They make one hell of a pizza, but their menu really did need some work:

All in all, I’d say the vacation was a success, in terms of relaxation AND grammar-hunting.

Winston, my cat, missed me while I was gone; he helped me scour the menus for grammar errors (meaning, he took a nap on them so I’d pet him instead):

Bathroom humor

Today’s picture comes to you courtesy of an advertisement in a public restroom. Maybe that explains the shitty grammar (pun intended).

I get the sense someone got stuck on the “i before e” rule and decided to play it safe by sandwiching the i between two e‘s and calling it good.

Also, let’s not ignore the 3rd and 4th lines–“FREE Admission to games on Sunday-Tuesday Night Games.” Did they have to be so redundant with the word “games”?

The ten best grammar-related lolcats

One thing I’ve never mentioned here is that I’m a cat FREAK. My closest friends are afraid to say the word “cat” in my presence for fear of listening to me ramble on about cats for an hour without taking a breath.

For those of you who are familiar with lolcats, you know the truest form of a lolcat contains the worst spelling and grammar ever witnessed by mankind. For the sake of understanding this post, please check out the website if you’ve never seen a lolcat.

I’ve seen some pretty cute lolcats that poke fun at the traditional lolcats by donning proper grammar and spelling. So, to mix things up a bit here on my blog, I’ve dedicated an entire post to my ten favorite grammar-related lolcats.











Now, don’t get me wrong. I love lolcats and I think their intentionally horrific grammar is hilarious. In fact, when I imagine the thoughts my own cat is having, I always envision his grammar is pretty awful. He is, after all, a cat. 😉