Go home, job posting, you’re drunk!

There are no words.



This post stinks!

Without further ado, here is my newest favorite typo of all time:

The important question here is, what is a pooped boob?  Is it a boob that has been evacuated from the rectum?  Or is it an exhausted boob?  Oh, the possibilities!

Snicker snicker

I snickered (pun intended) when I saw this sign taped to a box of Snickers bars in the grocery store.

A dollar and thirty-nine cents doesn’t get you a lot these days, so I’d like to think it’s a good deal for a sniker. But that begs the question: what is a sniker? Sounds like a good opportunity for round two of “Define It”! If you think you know what a sniker is, leave your clever definition in the comments section!

A medium-sized typo

When I was on vacation last week, I stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and had to stand in a frustratingly long line. Turns out it was for the best, because this is what I found while I was waiting:

Not cool, Zip Trip (pun intended).

Typos can occur in the strangest places

I felt ripped off by the cheesy joke, but at least the typo on this popsicle stick was enough to entertain me. I’m assuming they meant to say, “What did the fish name its kid?”