USPS Part 2: The postmaster isn’t an English master

Oh my. Look what I found inside the post office yesterday:

Where do I even BEGIN with this sign? Firstly, the machine to the left must be really lonely without its broken companion if the postmaster is assigning the task of pleasing it to its customers. Secondly, how is it that the postmaster noticed that “right” was incorrect, but failed to notice that the word “use” was absent?

What baffles me the most, however, is that the postmaster couldn’t take an extra ten seconds out of his or her day to simply write out a new, clean note. Nice reputation you’re making for yourself, USPS!


USPS delivers (poor grammar, that is!)

I’ve heard that securing a job with the United States Postal Service requires a passing grade on a big, long, grueling test. Having never taken the test, I don’t know what it entails. My guess would be that there is no reading and writing portion of the exam. Drum roll, please:

Ahhh, there’s the government, hard at work as usual!