Why the Y?

Fear not, fellow grammar snobs:  I have not been sucked into a black hole.  The bittersweet explanation of my absence these past few weeks is simply that I have not seen any grammar errors floating about.  This is good news for the fate of the English language, but bad news for a woman whose blog depends on poor language skills.

Last night as I was perusing the TV listings, I found this:

Annnnnnd we’re back!

You might be wondering, What does the Grammaniac even do when she doesn’t have any grammar to criticize?  First, I finally self-published my Christmas children’s book.  Believe it or not, I actually have a soft spot for children and fun, imaginative stories.  I know:  mind blown, right?

I also make videos of my idiot cat.

I have forever solidified my level of geekery.


Grammar Cats 2

The second installment of “Grammar Cats” is here! Thank you to the few who submitted your own grammar cats (you know who you are). Enjoy!

Grammar Cats (Lolcats video by yours truly)

I have promoted myself from Nerd to Gargantuan Nerd. Because the whole world is gaga over lolcats (as am I), I have put together a little video I like to call “Grammar Cats.” Make fun of me. I’ll make fun of me with you. Just don’t lie and say you didn’t laugh at least a little.