This space is available for judgment

Punctuation? Bah, who needs it?

Well, Walmart needs it. I guess they’re too busy saving money and living better to bother using punctuation. (My deepest apologies for the glare in the picture. Believe me, I tried my damnedest to get one sans lights.)

I hate it when people don't use periods you can't tell where the sentence ends shame on you Walmart.


Spelling mistake fresh from the oven

Walmart advertises being able to top Winco’s price on Freschetta pizzas. Too bad they can’t spell the brand correctly…

The rapture didn’t happen, but this spelling error sure did

The word “rotisserie” already has French roots, so I’ll never know why Walmart felt the need to make it sound so extra-French. Just because you have low prices doesn’t mean you can spell things any way you please!