The ten best grammar-related lolcats

One thing I’ve never mentioned here is that I’m a cat FREAK. My closest friends are afraid to say the word “cat” in my presence for fear of listening to me ramble on about cats for an hour without taking a breath.

For those of you who are familiar with lolcats, you know the truest form of a lolcat contains the worst spelling and grammar ever witnessed by mankind. For the sake of understanding this post, please check out the website if you’ve never seen a lolcat.

I’ve seen some pretty cute lolcats that poke fun at the traditional lolcats by donning proper grammar and spelling. So, to mix things up a bit here on my blog, I’ve dedicated an entire post to my ten favorite grammar-related lolcats.











Now, don’t get me wrong. I love lolcats and I think their intentionally horrific grammar is hilarious. In fact, when I imagine the thoughts my own cat is having, I always envision his grammar is pretty awful. He is, after all, a cat. 😉


131 thoughts on “The ten best grammar-related lolcats

    • Can u write better than this?
      From the way you’ve written stuff on your blog, it seems that you don’t have a bloody sense of humour.
      Let the author write what he/she wants. No one needs your pessimistic opinion anyway.

  1. I just saw you on the WordPress homepage and am SO excited to dig through more of your posts. I love that there are other crazy grammar Nazis out there. I LOLed at the kitties, too! A great way to start the day 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I love numbers 1 through 3. Spot was my favourite 😛

    I’m pretty sure my cats would have fantastic grammar, or at least grammar comparable to mine.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my. I’m extremely nervous about leaving this comment. I have proof read it three times, cut and pasted it from Word in order to find any spelling mistakes, and interrupted my boss on a conference call so that he might reread it for me. Now, I fear I have gone on too long for an appropriate comment post. I’ll stop here. Oh yes, great post.

  4. I used to have the “proofreads a column” one posted on my office door at my last editing job. I might need to print that one out again and adorn my work area now that I’m in charge of an entire magazine. o.O

  5. Ha! Great post! As a writer and editor, and cat lover, I adore LOLcats.

    At all times I have the “editor kitty editing column” and “if you don’t like my changes, I can always edit your face” posted in my cubicle/office by my computer.

    Great collection!

    Drive on,
    – M.

  6. Number 5 is funny because it’s true in humans! My students are shocked – SHOCKED! – when they get back a paper covered in red ink. When they tell me they’d always gotten A’s in English, my response is usually, “Then your former English teachers didn’t know grammar, either.”

    Great job compiling a great list.

  7. Someone I know bought a lolcat book … It was funny –
    A wet kitten with blue eyes looking sad – “You haz betrayed my tiny trust” :’)

  8. I’m a cat freak too, hahaha. My friends also don’t say the word cat in front of me ._. But anyway…
    I loved your post 🙂 mostly because I love cats and xD

    Oh, the other day I made my grammar teacher take a look at the web lolcats, and she was horrorified, but she also found it so funny and cute.
    She’s a bigger cat freak than me, in fact, all the examples that she gives in class are cat related. “the cat”, “that cat”, “I love cats” “cats are better than dogs” etc…

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    Greetings from Chile 🙂


    ps: My native language is spanish, although I’m studying English, I don’t write well yet.

  9. This is one of the greatest posts EVER. I am a grammar nazi myself, and although I hate it when people spell and type poorly, I do love lolcats. THESE lolcats are my favourites now! Especially Spot! Data and Spot were always the best on TNG; and now…even better! Thank you!!!

  10. I would be laughing out loud if I wasn’t in the library “studying.” Oh my! This makes me want to almost show this to the girl next to me because I’m pretty sure she’s a writer and these are just that funny. 😀 Must go share on facebook; that is for sure.

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  12. Thanks for sharing. I adore cats but have a hard time appreciating LOLcats. I personally feel that cats are much more intelligant than that. I look forward to poking around some of your other posts as I enjoyed this to such a degree.

  13. I never got in to the lolcats per se, but I DO make up voices for my cats and we have conversations… please don’t judge me… I don`t have kids to torture by embarrassment,so I take it out on the innocent cats. I also engage my husband in these conversations (with the cats, of course, not ME), and he really LOVES that… really.

  14. Thank you, for these!

    I, too, abhor incorrect grammar. I do have a special exception for cheezburger fillings!

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  16. Having grown up with English Major parents, this post just cracks me up. The more I’m on the Internet, the more typos and hilarious ones at that, I see. I really love the editor cat proofreading a column. Having grown up with cats, I know they can’t spell worth a darn. But they come running when they hear a can opener.

  17. How can you people not realise that lolcats is pretty much the absolute worst thing on the internet and is a terrible, terrible joke repeated over and over again and it’s just so bad and agrgrgarbgfhjhdgdgagdgsdgdshhhg dgkmgdkmg

      • iygtdsutdjfkgxysrydcjvkblnlkhbgvhycjrxcxzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. Editor Kitty has been my favorite lolcat for a long time! I look just like that when I proofread things my husband has written… 😉 I love the lolcats. The bad grammar and misspellings are a big part of what make them funny. I’m chuckling just thinking of them!

  19. WOW! At last, a blog that synthesises two of my greatest loves (cats and grammar)- the others being plants and horses!!

    I am owned by six cats, one of whom insists on helping me type my letters. Trouble is, her contributions are all in Feline (e.g. ffftttt66**hhhhhhh999) but I am sure her spelling is impeccable.

  20. I LOVE this post! TOO FUNNY!! I too love lolcats but find it hard to read — the grammar and spelling slow me down and I often have to read it again to “get” it. I love the counterpoint of the correctly spelled, grammatically correct cats — which, frankly, is what I’d expect of a cat. Having cats myself, being a cat lover, rescuing cats, feeding feral cats, I believe DOGS would use incorrect grammar and use spelling, while cats would be quite picky about grammar and spelling.

    So glad you posted this!

  21. I sent this link to my kids, who affectionately(?) refer to me as a Grammar Nazi. LOLCats are always a favorite, but I love the grammar emphasis of this collection. Thanks for posting!

  22. I am an English teacher and find the bad grammar on lolcats to be the funniest part of them. I mean, they’re cats- the fact that they even use basic English nouns and verbs in the proper order is impressive!

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  26. Although I’m in favor of the correct usage of grammar, some people take it way too far. Like people who hate slang or colloqialism, and view anyone who uses it as ignorant. It reminds me of a David Foster Wallace essay I read.

    But, on a lighter note, yay for cats! =)

  27. My favourite too – I believe the phrase I’m looking for is the somewhat improbable ROFL. We laugh now, but wait until it’s the first language of the internet. It’s not so long ago that the debate raged about whether or not it was acceptable to start a business e.mail with Hi Whoever. My father, in his wisdom, always said that mocking is catching. Took me years to work out what he meant, but I can see it all coming…..

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