Stupidity: there’s an app for that

I’d like to express my deepest sympathies to anyone currently suffering from a stomach bug.  It’s day #4 for me and I’m ready to start trading the less favorable parts of my soul for a few nausea-free minutes.

As I was pouting in front of the television this morning, I decided to see what grammar apps were available for my phone.

Disclaimer:  Please leave now if, after reading that last sentence, you did any of the following:  a) rolled your eyes, b) called me a nerd, or c) judged me for pouting in front of the television.

The first app in the search results was called “Practice English Grammar – 1.”  I expanded the description of the app and I was horrified at what I saw:



Nowns are covered in this app?  Nowns?  And what the hell does “Question with question words” mean?

So, here is the complete list of topics covered:


Did you notice that “spelling” is not a topic covered?  Good thing–I’d hate for the makers of this app to look like complete morons.


11 thoughts on “Stupidity: there’s an app for that

  1. And what about the spelling of practice? When it’s a verb it should be ‘practise’ plus they’ve used the present participle incorrectly. Although I notice the spell checker on my iPad tells me practise is incorrect. Maybe this is an Aussie/Brit thing?

  2. Love your blog! The first thing I noticed was the mess up in the second paragraph, “…this app helps you practicing the basic usage of English grammar…”. However, the “nown” thing takes the cake lol.

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